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Lawn Aeration Tips From The Pros

Have you finally found time out of your busy schedule to do some yard work? Well, you have come to the right place, then! The very first step to a robust, healthy lawn is to aerate or loosen up your soil. Apart from finding a fertile patch of ground for your gardening activities, you must learn how to aerate your lawn the right way. 

Why Bother With Aerating Your Lawn?

There are several benefits to aerating your lawn. For starters, you won’t be able to practice proper gardening in hard or compact soil. The loose soil also helps the grass’ roots to breathe easily. The seeds absorb water and other nutrients more quickly because more water can seep down to the roots. Lastly, the grass’ roots may reach further down the earth, so that the plant is firmly attached to the ground along with proper nutrition.

You Should Consider Aerating Your Lawn If:

  • People frequently pass over your yard, and children play on the grass.
  • You have had some equipment lying on your lawn in for some time.
  • The grass looks stressed/thin, and puddles form quickly after watering or rain.
  • Your lawn has an abundance of clay-rich soil.
  • The decomposing matter’s layer is thicker than half an inch.
  • You have Kentucky Bluegrass or Bermuda grass growing in abundance.
  • You plan on seeding your backyard soon.

What Tools Should You Use For Proper Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration tools fall into two categories: Plug Aerators and Spike Aerators. A plug aerator lifts chunks of soil and grass from the ground to loosen the compact earth. On the other hand, a spike aerator pokes holes in the ground so that more air can enter the soil.

If you want to see how to aerate your lawn every few months properly, plug aerators are your best options. A spike aerator’s holes in the ground tighten the soil around the holes even more. Hence, a spike aerator is not as effective as a plug aerator.

Complete a Thorough Garden Inspection

1. Before aeration of your lawn, consider watering your soil a day before. Loosening of soil will allow the plug aerator to aerate the damp soil more efficiently and effectively. Never commence your aeration process on dry compact soil.

2. Most aeration machines will only cover a small patch of ground on a single pass. So, make sure that you move on to the next patch of soil only after you are satisfied that the earth is well aerated.

3. Leave out the areas with little to no compact soil. By adopting this method, you will be able to cover more affected areas in less time.

4. Once you have upturned the top of the soil and loosened it nicely, take the help of a rake or a lawnmower to break up the soil chunks. Keep in mind to wait until the upturned soil has dried well, and then break up the clumps.

More Lawn Aeration Tips

Since you will not be aerating your lawn very often, you shouldn’t invest in buying the actual instruments.

If you still want to buy a plug aerator or a spike aerator tool, it would be financially smart to pool the money along with some of your neighbors.

Studies and experts suggest that aerating your lawn every six months will benefit your backyard immensely. This analysis is exceptionally accurate, with soil having a high percentage of clay-heavy soil.

Invest in renting or purchasing only those plug aerators whose plugs are more than 3 inches long.

If your thatching problem is severe, i.e., more than 3 inches long, you should use a vertical lawnmower or consider getting some professional help. Our lawn service and lawn mowing experts can help keep your lawn in pristine shape!

Aerating your lawn is one of the healthiest practices that you can do for your lawn’s longevity. In addition to more attractive grass and plants, aeration can also prevent water logging and save you from soil erosion. Aeration will not harm your lawn’s longevity in any way. In contrast to this, the plants you grow will grow at a faster rate.

Studies have shown that plants in properly aerated lawns sport plump and healthy fruits.  As many people don’t know this handy technique, they are hesitant to apply it to their lawn gardens. Be rest assured that aeration of your property is very beneficial for the growing vegetation. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced Irvine landscaper, call us today for a free quote!